Open A FDR Account

Terms & Conditions

  1. Fixed deposits can be opened only for individual account.
  2. Fixed Deposit can be opened in any amount but for a specific period which can be renewed further for the same period at prevailing rate of profit/interest.
  3. The profit/interest rate will be applicable as fixed by the bank from time to time for a specific period.
  4. Rate of profit/interest for auto-renewal will be in line with prevailing rate of profit/interest.
  5. Bank reserves the right to amend any clause/profit/interest rate of the Fixed deposit at its own discretion.
  6. In case of death of the deposit holder(s), nominee will receive the proceeds subject to compliance of following:
    1. Submission of death certificate and grave-yard certificate.
    2. Copy of NID of nominee or legal guardian (when the nominee is minor)
    3. In absence of nominee, succession certificate from the court to be produced by the claimant.
  7. The client will have the option to avail a credit facility up to 90% of his deposit amount.
  8. Profit/Interest earned from the FDR will be paid after deduction of Income Tax, Excise Duty or any other levies as decided by the Govt. from time to time.
  9. Bank's prevailing rules will be applicable for early or premature encashment.
  10. If there is any loan in the name of the client with Dhaka Bank Ltd., bank will have the right to set-off the dues before paying the amount.